A Novena for the Priesthood

The attack on the Traditional Latin Mass since the publication of Traditionis Custodes has impacted the lives of Faithful Catholics all over the world. It’s easy for us as laypeople to focus on the hurt and complications we will face or are already facing. But what of those priests who have embraced the celebration of this liturgy? Those who have benefited in their own spiritual life and priesthood, if not having fully renewed it? Will they not hurt too, if their ability to offer the Traditional Latin Mass is taken from them?

With that said, a novena is approaching with an opportunity to petition Our Lord for much needed graces and spiritual benefits through the intercession of St. Therese of the Child Jesus. St. Therese had a special devotion to the priesthood. Though living an obscure life tucked away in a French cloister as a Carmelite nun, St. Therese’s life was spent in offering prayer and sacrifice for the priesthood. Of course, she has carried her love for priests with her into heaven and is known by many of them for her special care in their regard. The novena begins on September 25 and ends on October 3.

The image below is a collaborative effort of Jesse Griffiths and John Volkenant. The image is free to use and distribute unaltered.

novena st therese priests priesthood


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  1. I live in the Buffalo New York area but I have sons who live in Lakewood and Brooke Park I will be praying this novena along with all of you. God bless you all and thank you for sharing this novena.

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