All Souls’ Day Masses

Praying for Those Who can Merit Nothing for Themselves

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Following the Feast of All Saints on Sunday, November 1, Traditional Latin Requiem Masses will be offered for All Souls’ Day on Monday, November 2.

The Church teaches that judgement immediately follows death. The Poor Souls in Purgatory are on the path to heaven, but they are being cleansed and purified, indeed being prepared for eternal bliss and beholding the Face of God. Their time of being able to merit for themselves is over. But we can do much to expedite their journey. We can merit for them, and we can then be assured of their prays for us.

The information we currently have is as follows. Please comment below this posting if you have additional confirmed Mass times to share.

All Souls’ Day, Monday, Nov 2, 2020

6:15 low Mass, Mary Queen of Peace

7am low Mass, Immaculate Conception Cleveland

5:30pm Mass, St Ignatius of Antioch; St Paul Akron

6:30pm High Mass, Immaculate Conception Cleveland

6:30pm Mass, St. Stephen

7pm Mass, Mary Queen of Peace

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