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tale of two dioceses

A Tale of Two Dioceses: Same Threat, Different Responses

A Friend from Lincoln, Nebraska, forwarded to me his diocese’s guidelines for the re-opening...
imposition of incense

Guidelines for Re-Opening Holy Mass in the Diocese of Cleveland

The following was found on Facebook, regarding the guidelines for re-opening Holy Mass in...
Feast of St. Stephen, 2019

IMPORTANT: Ohio Bishops are Re-Opening Churches

The Ohio Conference of Catholic bishops sent a letter on May 8, 2020, to...

Petition for Ohio Bishops: Restore Holy Mass and the Sacraments

A petition has been organized requesting that Ohio Bishops restore Holy Mass and access...
open the churches restore the sacraments

Open the Churches and Restore the Sacrifice

“As more Catholic dioceses begin to resume public Masses during the coronavirus pandemic, a...

May Crowning: Revisit 2019

The month of May will mirror the month of April in the realm of...

Elevation of the Eucharist

Being the Source and Summit of our Holy Catholic Faith, the Eucharist undoubtedly inspires...

Confessions Available May 1 and 2, MQP

Can I go to Confession? There are not a whole lot of options out...

Ohio Bishops: Lets Try for Pentecost

It was reported today that the Ohio Bishops have extended the public Mass suspension...