Can I go to Confession?
There are not a whole lot of options out there, but here is one definite one!


Mary Queen of Peace, 4423 Pearl Rd., Cleveland


Friday May 1 5:30-7pm
Saturday May 2 9:30-11am

How will it work?

Confessions are in the church. The confession booth is set up in the front-central part of the church. Enter the line from the back of the church. The line forms down the central aisle. Blue tape is on the floor to remind you to keep social distancing. Father flips his stole over the makeshift confessional booth to let you know that there is a “green light” to come sit down. Pour out your heart. Receive the Merciful Love of Jesus. And don’t worry about being overheard, for Gregorian chant will be playing to obfuscate voices!

Bonus: Need to get something blessed? Fr. Brown will bless items on Friday at 5:15pm and then at 7pm. On Saturday, at 11 am.
Plus there is a table set up in church that has all sorts of sacramentals for your perusal. (donation please)



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