Thank you for taking the time to visit the new website for Cleveland TLM Friends. After 11 years, its been decided that it was time to upgrade and freshen up!

Back in 2009, Cleveland TLM Friends was started with the hope of being a resource for Cleveland-area Catholics attached to the Traditional Latin Mass. It was a much smaller flock of Faithful back then, and it seemed as if people lived far and wide throughout Northeast Ohio. So it seemed a place to corral TLM news and announcements that could be accessed via the Internet would be of benefit to everyone.

Since that time, the Mass has “spread wonderfully throughout the Diocese.” With the increase of parishes offering the Traditional Latin Mass, so too has there been an increase in promotion of it by others. The internet and social media are not lacking for Cleveland TLM promotion. The news is out there and available.

With that in mind, Cleveland TLM Friends has gradually shifted from a heavy “Mass times” weblog to one of media-driven content. This last year has seen a number of videos published on our YouTube channel. We might assume that, given the breadth and width of TLM access in Northeast Ohio now, the mission of promoting “awareness of and participation in” isn’t quite as necessary. Indeed, the country and the world have witnessed the upward trend of the Ancient Roman Rite and the attachment of Catholics to it….young and old, individuals and families, clerical and laity. Much less the mitered. Anyway.

Cleveland TLM Friends will continue to promote TLM news for Cleveland, Ohio, when we actually have it to promote, but we think it will become more of a concrete resource of broader content relative to the Catholic Faith and Ethos.

As of this posting, there is some content on the website, but not much; its a bigger job than we thought to do this. So click around, learn some Latin prayers if you don’t know them already; download and practice the Altar Servers’ prayers; follow the links to our YouTube and Twitter accounts, watch some videos; and let us know if you find anything that doesn’t work, or if you have any suggestions via our Contact page. I’d say, “we’re all in this together”, but that cliche has been hijacked.

Pray for the purification of the Church.


*Please be aware: if you migrated here from the old website, that old email subscription notice is not applicable with this new site. You will not receive anything in your email from this new website




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