Events for September 11, 2020

A couple of Friends have notified Cleveland TLM Friends about local events for Friday, September 11, 2020.

Immaculate Conception, Cleveland โ€”the Macโ€” will be celebrating a Solemn Requiem Mass on Friday, 9/11, at 6:30pm. The Mass is being offered in reparation for the attacks against our country nineteen years ago, on September 11, 2001. The Mass will feature the absolution at the catafalque as well. It is a truly beautiful Catholic liturgy that embodies the depth of our faith.

There is also a “Patriotic Rosary” being offered at St. John’s Cathedral on Friday, at 6pm. Here are the emails sent to us about that event:

subject: 6pm Friday 9/11 at the Cathedral – Men’s Patriotic Rosary

Help us reach a goal of 100 men! This is important spiritual warfare.
Even if you can’t attend, please FW this to your circle.

This Friday September 11th.
St. John Cathedral downtown E9th and Superior.
(Outside grass area of the Cathedral)

Please don’t dress like a slob. Trousers with tucked in shirt.

What are we doing? We are saying a PATRIOTIC ROSARY outside on the grass area in front of the Cathedral. We are praying for our Country on the anniversary of 9/11 and for our newly designated Bishop Edward Malesic.

A PATRIOTIC ROSARY has one bead dedicated to each of our 50 states, quotes from founding fathers, and the hymns, God Bless America and the Battle Hymn of the Republic. This is a rosary like no other!

Optional: afterwards social at a local pub.

FREE Parking in the Cathedral parking lot.

And also:

Truth, courage, virtue, refinement, permissive suffering. Awaken us who are sleep walking through life, Lord. Our willingness to acknowledge, and our resistance to work on so many deficiencies that anesthetize our awareness of the spiritual and civic decay that surrounds us is our greatest challenge today.

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, inspire the men of this part of the Body of Christ to take up the mantle of manly leadership in their families and communities. Draw them and fill them with the wisdom, understanding, and knowledge of what lies at stake when our backs turn from You and your invitation to holiness.

Come and pray with the men of your diocese this Friday September 11th at the Cathedral in downtown Cleveland.
Every 9/11 has been declared Patriot Day, a national day of mourning since 2002.
Parking is free at the surface lot behind the Cathedral off of Rockwell Ave any time after 4 pm.

Meet along the sidewalk on Superior Ave at 6 pm, and we’ll form a military styled rank for reciting the Patriotic Rosary. If you haven’t seen or heard one before you will be impressed. I look forward to seeing and hearing the men of this Diocese leading this event.

Children, spouses, family and friends are welcome to to join in from the adjacent lawn or side walk.We sill be able to make a socially distant formation of 60 men with ample space to the east and west of the formation.

Here is the Rosary doc that was provided:

Let us never forget!


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