Faith Subject to Science

Rosary to the Interior recently sent out their website update with two new articles. Clipped below is an excerpt from Science: The War Against Both God and Man.

As usual, Rosary to the Interior gives readers much to think about, and particularly at this time in which the Bride has bowed to Caesar.

Now, in the spring of the year 2020, we Catholics find ourselves in a situation in which virtually all that is most incarnational in our Faith – all which visibly speaks of our firm belief in the power and mercy of God over what constitutes our lives in this world – and virtually all external expression of our unity in worship in the one Mystical Body of Christ, which is the ordinary channel of this power and grace, has been suppressed. The public offerings of the Mass have been forbidden, as have been many of the other sacraments. At the very heart of this suppression is science, technology, and modern medicine, and what they have to tell us about the origin and spread of the coronavirus, and the remedies which they propose as compulsory for our survival and victory. None of these “remedies” includes the grace and power of God. In fact, even liquor stores have been given precedence over whatever we might receive from Christ through the Sacraments for our emotional, mental and spiritual health…..

….As examined by Pope St. Pius X in his encyclical Pascendi Dominici Gregis (On the Doctrine of the Modernists), such subjection of our faith to science is the foundation of the entire Modernist heresy, and is preeminently responsible for what he accurately saw to be the subsequent loss of the vitality of the Traditional Catholic faith which is its ultimate necessary fruit. It is in the depths of the poisoned water of this loss of the vitality of our faith, and the vitality of the Church itself, which we now find ourselves immersed.

You can read the rest on their website: Rosary to the Interior.


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