Fr. Brown has an Update

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]No shortage of speculation and inquiry has been happening lately. We all are wondering if there is any update on the situation regarding the implementation of Traditionis Custodes in our diocese and what it may be.

If you have been under a rock or are new around here, click the following links to find out what has happened so far:

Update on the Situation in Our Diocese

How the Grinch is Trying to Steal Christmas

Cleveland TLM Friends was contacted by Fr. Doug Brown, pastor of Mary Queen of Peace Church and the appointed diocesan delegate for the traditional Latin Mass. He has an update for us.

“This is from Father Brown, who is the liaison for the Traditional Latin Mass in the Diocese of Cleveland.

“Some have asked for an update in the Diocese of Cleveland and where we stand in the wake of Traditionis Custodes…

“Thank you to all who participated in providing Mass counts for the Traditional Latin Mass during the month of December. This was an effort to be able to report to the Bishop’s office accurate attendance – not specifically by parish or church, but to offer a realistic number that truly reflects the interest in the TLM.

“In January, after the Responsa was submitted, I was able to communicate with the Bishop’s office who agreed that the original process outlined in November should be maintained. That means that we continue as we had planned with the priests that celebrate the TLM and the pastors of parishes that host the TLM meeting in January. Discussion will be centered around the TLM in the Diocese of Cleveland as well as suggestions to engage the faithful during the month of February.

“In February, I encourage you to attend the All-Night Adoration beginning at 8 pm on Friday, February 4th and continuing through Saturday morning, February 5th at 8 am at Mary Queen of Peace in Cleveland. The intentions for this All-Night Adoration will be for the Preservation of the Traditional Latin Mass & Reverence for the Holy Eucharist. There will be an opportunity later that month for the faithful to respond to the TLM in the Diocese of Cleveland through either some sort of “Listening Session” or online survey.

“In March, the priests will reconvene with the information provided by the faithful and begin to prepare a presentation for the Bishop that will be offered to him, likely shortly after Easter. The presentation will suggest recommendations. Bishop Malesic is the final decision-maker.

“Please continue to pray for Pope Francis, Bishop Malesic, but most of all for the priests that humbly offer the Traditional Latin Mass in the Diocese of Cleveland. This is not easy for them either.”

The Responsa he mentioned is the document issued by the Congregation for Divine Worship which outlined new restrictions, not included in Traditionis Custodes, but which had the approval of Pope Francis regarding the how-to of TC. It’s in the link above, about the Grinch stealing Christmas.

The all-night adoration Father spoke of has a sign-up sheet. There are still spots available. Of course you don’t need to sign up to spend time with Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament.

All Night Eucharistic Adoration (

And here’s their flyer:

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