Holy Week 2023

photo/Good Friday, Immaculate Conception

Holy Week is upon us! Barring some further, tyrannical restrictions being promulgated from Rome, the schedule of liturgical services is below. The Sacred Triduum appears to be solely at Immaculate Conception Cleveland. Comment below or use the contact page if you have anything to add to the schedule.

Holy Week 2023

Spy Wednesday
April 5
Office of Tenebrae
7:15pm St Stephen
8:30pm Mary Queen of Peace

Maundy Thursday
April 6
6:30pm High Mass
Immaculate Conception

Good Friday
April 7
6pm Mass of the Pre-Sanctified
Immaculate Conception

Holy Saturday
April 8
11pm Easter Vigil
Immaculate Conception

It would seem that the regular schedule of daily masses is in effect up to and including Spy Wednesday. But you should contact the parish with any questions. Easter Sunday, as always, is a normal Sunday schedule.

Easter Basket blessings will take place on Holy Saturday. Surely, these aren’t the only parish Easter food blessings, but they are the only ones we know of right now.
11am St Rocco
11:45am & 12:30pm Mary Queen of Peace
1pm Immaculate Conception

5 thoughts on “Holy Week 2023

  1. I wish I was still living in Ohio. Here in the Arlington diocese, we are not allowed to have anything traditional for holy week – no Masses at all till Easter Sunday. We will watch the Mass from I.C. in Cleveland.

    Happy Easter to all.


    1. If you are willing to make the drive to Sanger, Texas, you can attend mass on Good Friday at our Lady of Fatima Church. It’s an SSPX Church, which is what many of us in Cleveland will be switching to once the TLM is banned by Francis. The SSPX will not give in to the heretical demands of the Vatican. They’re committed only to God and the true Catholicism.

      God bless!

  2. Hi Steve,

    Thanks for the note. It would be nice to be back in Ohio. We may come up for a visit this summer.

    God bless.


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