Last Sunday TLM at Sacred Heart

Yet another blog post that I’ve never foreseen me posting. They’ll keep coming, for sure.

Fr. Dave Ireland, pastor of Sacred Heart of Jesus in South Euclid, invites you:

We will be having our last Sunday TLM Mass at Sacred Heart of Jesus at 5pm on October 1st. It will be a Solemn High Mass with the Lyceum singing. We will have prosecco for the faithful following Mass.

Perhaps our TLM celebrants will have ample opportunity to assist with the celebration of the Mass after Nov. 1. That may be an important prayer campaign for us to take up. The Mass is as important to them as it is to us. And we’ve depended upon them.

Sunday, Oct 1, 2023
Solemn Mass
5pm Sacred Heart of Jesus
“…our last Sunday TLM Mass
at Sacred Heart of Jesus…”

5 thoughts on “Last Sunday TLM at Sacred Heart

  1. To all TLM supporters, please listen to the following.

    Bishop Strickland urges Catholics: ‘Stand firm in your faith’ on the eve of the Synod’. He has previously warned that the October Synod is likely to lead to greater confusion and division within the Church.

    Please pray for the continuation of the TLM. God bless.

    1. “The Eucharist and all the Sacraments are divinely instituted, not developed by man.”

      The confusion he wrote of is intentional and all this talk right now of dressing up the Novus Ordo is more of that confusion. TLM Faithful should reject the idea of any work of human hands in Catholic liturgical development. Fabricated liturgy, no matter how pleasing to the senses, is always a bad idea.

  2. It is now time for every conservative, traditional Catholic to leave their diocesan church and join the SSPX in Richfield, Ohio. Everyone must realize that the Vatican wants all conservative Catholics to go away permanently, so give Francis and his evil bishops what they want, but on your terms. This story doesn’t get any better. You can either continue to celebrate Holy Mass in the SSPX , or you can go along with the New World Order religion that the Vatican is forming. By the way, it won’t be Catholic.

  3. My heart aches for these priests who have given so much in offering the TLM..
    I will be forever grateful to them all.

    Without them, how would most of us been able to be better formed in the Catholic faith, love God more?

    I am praying for them.
    I attend St Peregrine’s.
    And I pray for Pope Francis and our bishop Malesic.

    1. Well said. We must not forget that it’s not only we who are dealing with this mess, but also the priests who equally became attached to the TLM. How much did it influence their own priesthood, which in turn filters down to us? Sometimes I see TC and what’s followed just as an outright attack on the priesthood.

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