May Crowning at Mary Queen of Peace, with a TLM

August Queen of Heaven!

Some more good news about the re-opening of our churches. Along with getting public access to Holy Mass beginning next week, Mary Queen of Peace will offer the tradition of May Crowning, along with a Traditional Latin Mass. But that’s not all. Confession, adoration and the Holy Rosary will be a part of that day, May 29, 2020.

Regarding the harmony that should reign between the demands of the liturgy and the celebration of May, the Holy See’s Directory of Popular Piety says the following in No. 191:

“In many cases, the solution for such problems would seem to lie in harmonizing the content of the ‘Marian months’ with the concomitant season of the Liturgical Year. For example, since the month of May largely corresponds with the fifty days of Easter, the pious exercises practiced at this time could emphasize Our Lady’s participation in the Paschal mystery (cf. John 19, 25-27), and the Pentecost event (cf. Acts 1, 14) with which the Church begins: Our Lady journeys with the Church having shared in the novum of the Resurrection, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The fifty days are also a time for the celebration of the sacraments of Christian initiation and of the mystagogy. The pious exercises connected with the month of May could easily highlight the earthly role played by the glorified Queen of Heaven, here and now, in the celebration of the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Eucharist.”

The Good….and the Bad is the Ugly

Lastly, how about the absolute contrast between these two images of healthcare workers! Nurses dancing and processing with a dummy of a person who died from Covid-19 for public consumption? Catholic nurses honoring Our Lady for the world to behold? Talk about the wheat and the weeds growing together!

tik tok nurses dead body

catholic nurses our lady


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