MOMENTS: Fr. Bede’s Final Saturday TLM at St. Elizabeth

Why are some of the saddest moments in life also the most beautiful?

Since 2018, Fr. Bede Kotlinkski, OSB, has offered Saturday Masses at St. Elizabeth of Hungary, right up the street from his St. Andrew Benedictine Abbey. (First Saturdays, excluded)

With St. Elizabeth becoming a shrine and being managed now by the Institute of Christ the King, this past Saturday, the 23rd of September, was the last regularly scheduled Saturday Mass for Father.ย 

Thankfully, Bishop Malesic has given Fr. Bede and all the TLM priests in the diocese who have been offering it, the permission to help the Institute wherever and whenever they need it.ย 

Friends, the edict from Pope Francis affects not only us and our families. Our priests love the Traditional Latin Mass as much as we do, and it has greatly impacted, influenced and edified their own priesthood. Now they are largely being robbed of that.ย 

Thank you, Fr. Bede, for everything you have done, for working so tirelessly to bring God to the Faithful.ย 

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