MQP: Tenth Anniversary

A pleasant surprise in the Twitter feed this morning. Fr. Doug Brown, pastor of Mary Queen of Peace, and a Friend of the TLM, shared his thoughts via YouTube on his parish’s tenth anniversary.

” ‘Good luck,’ kind of in that sarcastic, sing-songy type of voice that meant….heh, heh….you’re gonna need it!“, recalled Fr. Brown of a fellow cleric’s supposed words of encouragement for him. He was embarking a journey that he couldn’t have ever dreamed of, though he knew he wanted to be a pastor and leader. Unfortunately, other priests didn’t share any excitement for him on his new path. But in the midst of that, he would not be dissuaded, and the evidence for that is the success of his parish today. Even recently, Fr. Brown hosted a training session for priests interested in learning the TLM. No small feat.

Personally, I can recall Fr. Brown ten years ago as the deacon for Candlemas at St. Stephen’s. Ten years! Wow! Time flies. The Traditional Latin Mass has certainly spread wonderfully throughout the diocese. Thanks, Fr. Brown. Never expected to pull these out of the archives.





2 thoughts on “MQP: Tenth Anniversary

  1. God Bless you and your ministry at Our Lady Queen of Peace. We, the Church need more priests with determination and faith to propagate the Traditional Latin Mass. It will be with the strength of faith and love that is found in you that the Roman Catholic Church will Resurrect from the destruction of the barbarians who have destroyed it.
    God be with you always Father.

  2. What a Holy priest we have in Fr. Brown. May his love for Our Lord and the Blessed Mother be an inspiration for all Priest.
    We should all be thankful for his FIAT to God’s Will, which has been a blessing for many.
    He is truly a beloved son of Jesus and Mary,
    Thank You

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