UPDATED – Public Access TLM’s Announced, One Week Only

public access tlms announced

update 5/29

St. Rocco will have a Solemn High Mass on Pentecost Sunday, May 31, at 12pm.

St. Sebastian will have a TLM on Pentecost Sunday at 1pm, according to a comment below.

Here is some good news, finally. Public access TLM’s have been announced. The schedule is for one week only, Memorial Day through Pentecost Sunday. I’ve been told the “re-opening of churches” is on a week-to-week basis.

In the Diocese, there are actually some churches that won’t be open at all. One source said its “because the pastor doesn’t care about Mass.” Another source said of a church that will open: “An Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion at ******** told me that they are required to wear gloves to distribute Holy Communion.” Obviously this isn’t a TLM issue, but its noteworthy nonetheless. Clearly, there is a severe lack of Faith in the hierarchy of pastoral authority. Its no wonder that faith in the Real Presence is so pathetic.

The schedule below is copied and pasted from the exact message I received from a reliable source. Its been confirmed with competent authority. The schedule is only for St. Stephen, Immaculate Conception Cleveland, and St. Elizabeth of Hungary at this time.

Note well that the schedule very nearly mimics the way it was before coronavirus hysteria. But there is an added 5pm Mass on Pentecost Sunday at St. Stephen. This was done to discourage overcrowding at the 9:30am. Any further questions should be directed at the particular parishes. This is the ONLY information Cleveland TLM Friends has at the moment. You can go to our TLM Finder for church locations, if you need that information.

Traditional Latin Masses – Memorial Day to Pentecost Sunday

Monday 5.25.20 – 8 am @ Immaculate Conception Live Stream / Public

Tuesday 5.26.20 – 6:45 am @ St Stephen Public; 7 am @ Immaculate Conception Live Stream/ Public

Wednesday 5.27.20 – 7 am @ Immaculate Conception Live Stream/Public

Thursday 5.28.20 – 7 am @ Immaculate Conception Live Stream/Public; 6:30 pm @ St. Stephen Public

Friday 5.29.20 – 7 am @ Immaculate Conception Live Stream/Public

Saturday 5.30.20 – 8 am @ Immaculate Conception Live Stream/Public; 9 am @ St. Elizabeth of Hungary Public

Sunday 5.31.20 – 8 am @ Immaculate Conception Public; 9:30 am @ St. Stephen Public; 12 noon @ Immaculate Conception Live Stream/Public; 5 pm @ St. Stephen Public


Special Confessions @ Immaculate Conception 2pm-4pm on Saturday 23 and Saturday 30.
No Confessions at St. Stephen on Sunday


9 thoughts on “UPDATED – Public Access TLM’s Announced, One Week Only

    1. Well, its a slow start, for sure. I’m going to wait and see what happens. My gut tells me most of that diocesan nonsense won’t even factor in. I think there’s a mix of ignorance and lack of interest on pastors/hierarchy part. Be thankful we have the TLM priests we do; believe me.

  1. Thank you for the details. We have been praying for fortitude for our good holy priests (by name.) We miss them and the peaceful, contemplative communion among the angels and saints. I will treasure each opportunity for Mass with zeal, as this current situation seems to be a foreshadowing.

    “The rosary is the weapon for these times.” — St. Padre Pio

    O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.

  2. I once again am ashamed to admit that I am Catholic. The first time was when the Supreme Court allowed “abortion upon demand” and the Catholic Bishops did nothing. The 2nd is the closing of the Catholic Churches. Not only in our diocese, but across the State of Ohio and the country. What happened to “separation of church and state” ? There was no closing of churches during the Spanish Flu epidemic nor during any of the pandemic cases of the past 100 years. Spineless bishops, an absent hierarchy. It’s about time to bombard our pastors and bishops to be the “Good Shepard’s” that they were chosen to be. If the can’t cut it, get rid of them. A dead branch on a tree never produces anything !

    1. Chris, the government in our state never closed the churches. They were exempt under Dr. Acton’s orders. The bishops (and Fr. Oleksiak) themselves decided to cease Holy Masses and lock them down.

      God bless you.

      1. This is what’s really the worst. Our Church has is self-admittedly less “essential” than McDonald’s or breweries, or shopping malls, etc.

    1. Mary, is that just for this Sunday, or is it scheduled to continue? I ask because the info I received for the posted Masses was specifically addressed as “one week only.”

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