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Latin Prayers

"The use of the Latin language affords at once an imposing sign of unity and an effective safeguard against the corruption of true doctrine."

Pope Pius XII, Mediator Dei

Our Guide to Latin Prayers focuses purely on learning the Latin words and pronunciation of the most common prayers a Catholic should know. You will not find translations here. Fluency in the Latin language is not at all necessary to gain a tremendous amount of joy and spiritual grace from learning and offering these prayers.  

Signum Crucis - The Sign of the Cross

Catholics begin prayer with the Sign of the Cross. Therefore, it is rightfully the first prayer one should learn.

Pater Noster - Our Father

The prayer that Our Lord taught us, perhaps the most important.

Ave Maria - Hail Mary

coming soon

Doxologia Minor - Glory Be

coming soon

Regina Caeli - Queen of Heaven

Regina Caeli replaces the Angelus during Eastertide, because it particularly focuses on the Resurrection.

"So far I have learned the Sign of the Cross, The Our Father, The Hail Mary, and the Glory Be. I learned them all from your posting! The pronunciation guide you posted has been invaluable!"
Jackie R.
Friend of the TLM