Rorate and Midnight Masses

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A Wonderful Liturgical Season

Update #1: Requested by a Friend to inform you that St. Sebastian’s 1pm Mass on Christmas Day will be Solemn High.

Found some exciting news on Facebook. St. Paul’s in Akron will be offering a Rorate Caeli Mass on December 12, Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Also included in that announcement was news about a midnight TLM on Christmas Eve.

Reminder: St. Paul’s offers a Traditional Latin Mass every Sunday at 9:30am.

A Friend notified us that on December 22, 2020, St. Stephen’s 6:45am low Mass will be a Rorate Caeli Mass.

At the MQP 7pm Mass for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, Fr. Brown informed the congregation that a midnight Traditional Mass would be celebrated on Christmas Eve. And then on Christmas Day there would be an 11am TLM.

In our Cleveland tradition, Immaculate Conception – Cleveland – will have a midnight Mass on Christmas Eve and then a “Sunday” schedule on Christmas Day. Normal.

St. Stephen will have a 9:30am TLM on Christmas Eve, and then 9:30am again on Christmas Day. On December 26, the Feast of St. Stephen, a 10am Latin Mass will be offered.

St. Sebastian in Akron will have a 1pm TLM on Christmas Day.

St. Rocco will offer a 12pm TLM on Christmas Day.

It appears that New Year’s Day is just like a Sunday schedule.

Friends, we are blessed in this diocese to have so many priests trying to fulfill the desires of Faithful Catholics attached to the Traditional Latin Mass. Its not a perfect situation, but this widespread availability is certainly not enjoyed in so many other places.

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