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How to Submit an Event or Mass Time for Publishing on TLM Friends

It was previously blog posted that it has become increasingly more difficult to keep up with everything going on among the ten parishes now offering the Traditional Latin Mass in the diocese of Cleveland. From now on, Cleveland TLM Friends will not be actively seeking information about Mass times or events at the various parishes. Instead, those sorts of things, like Feast Day Mass times or other things relevant to Trad Catholics, need to be sent in for the purpose of advertising on TLM Friends.

A new webpage has been created and it includes a submission form to fill out for such things. The page is accessible through the menu system right now. Here’s the direct link: Submit An Event | Cleveland TLM Friends

Everything about the process is explained on the webpage. Last Friday, a Friend used it to submit info about upcoming events at Mary Queen of Peace. Unsolicited, the Friend had the following to say,

…it takes about 2 minutes to send you the info. The way you have it set up is easy to figure out too.

Not only was it easy for the Friend to use, it was super easy for me to post it. It had a real team effort kind of feel to it also.

I am not requesting or expecting anyone to use Cleveland TLM Friends to advertise things happening at parishes. The regular schedule of Latin Masses will always be available on the site. From there, access to parish websites, phone numbers or bulletins is only a few clicks away.

Why Use TLM Friends Then?

That’s a fair question. These are the advantages I see to doing so:

  1. It’s free advertising. Parishes offering the TLM usually need as much exposure as possible.
  2. Since being established in 2009, TLM Friends is reputable.
  3. The list of email subscribers continues to grow, who will receive your advertising. In fact, they want to know!
  4. TLM Friends is active on social media.
  5. The blog has reach in a small, niche market.
  6. Blog posts for Mass times and other events are easy to find and read on this website.
  7. Finally, and most importantly perhaps, TLM Friends ranks reasonably high on Google search returns for “cleveland latin mass.” Not being an SEO specialist or web developer, I’m not quite sure how all that works โ€””latin mass” isn’t even in the web address. I just know what happens when I type that search in the box.

If a parish or representative, or anyone, does use TLM Friends to advertise, please consider reciprocating the act of advertising for Cleveland TLM Friends. This could be accomplished by simply sharing the submitted post on social media, putting a link on a webpage, or even a quick mention in a bulletin. Something like that. It is assumed that anyone reading this is like-minded about wanting to see the Tridentine Mass continue to grow. Sharing is caring.

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