Surveys and Holy Hours

A couple of emails have been sent to Cleveland TLM Friends recently asking about the Latin Mass Survey. The basic gist was that they couldn’t access it.

The survey is not a project of Cleveland TLM Friends. Fr Doug Brown, pastor of Mary Queen of Peace and appointed TLM delegate for the diocese, published the survey on social media after meeting with the other TLM priests. That’s all I know about it.

Unfortunately, I thought the notification about the survey had been posted on the blog here. Alas, it was not.

Latin Mass Questionnaire (

Another Holy Hour Devotion

The previous All Night Eucharistic Devotion at Mary Queen of Peace seemed to have been very successful and many people participated.

Fr. Brown has decided to have another one coming this Friday night into Saturday morning. Like before, you are welcomed to sign up for an hour timeslot.

Link to Signup Genius

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