The Miraculous St Andrew Christmas Novena

A Catholic tradition during the season of Advent is the recitation of the Miraculous St Andrew Christmas Novena. Beginning on the feast of St Andrew โ€”November 30thโ€” and lasting until Christmas Eve, Catholics pray this novena 15 times per day.

The St Andrew Christmas Novena is described as “miraculous” because pious tradition says God is known to grant the favors asked for in it. Certainly, there’s no harm in trying!

Fr Joseph Mary, of EWTN, related a story of a miracle in his own family, attributed to this very novena. His great-great Uncle had been losing his eyesight and was moved to bring his needs to heaven, requesting that, through the merits of Jesus and His Mother, his eyesight would be restored. Thus beginning on the feast of St Andrew, the uncle diligently prayed the Christmas novena. Then, on Christmas Eve, in the middle of the night, he experienced a terrible pain in the blind eye and by morning, his eyesight was restored.

You can watch Fr Joseph Mary tell this story in his homily from 2011. (1600) Homily 2011-11-30 – Fr Joseph Mary MFVA – St Andrew – Apostle – YouTube

The jpg below is courtesy of Joy Filled Family. It is described as being sized conveniently for your smartphone’s lock screen. The link has other versions for downloading as well.

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