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Theology and Literature Homeschool Course

Catholic homeschoolers in the Cleveland area have a unique, new opportunity. A theology and literature course, directed by Dr. Michael Oliver Wiitala of Cleveland State University, will be available to high school students in the fall semester of 2020.

Guided by the great works of ancient civilizations and the poetic vision of Christendom, students will “transcend the superficialities of daily life, glimpse the deeply symbolic nature of our existence, and gradually perceive a world in which all that is good, true and beautiful can lead us to Our Lord Jesus Christ.”

The Sapientia Educational Cooperative is a newly formed group of parents and professional educators whose mission is to provide holistic intellectual formation for Cleveland-area Catholics. The dissolution of Christian civilization brings also a progressive loss of rational thought, inherited wisdom, and poetic sensibility. To preserve our children from this gathering darkness, we must teach them how to think, how—not merely what—to believe, and how to experience reality. Our courses are directed toward older students and are intended to supplement a typical homeschool curriculum. While recognizing the importance of a cooperative model, we affirm the need for instructors who have subject-matter expertise and pedagogical experience, and we insist upon a classroom environment in which authority is respected and decorum is maintained. In this way we ensure that education is truly holistic, meaning that it attends to the whole person, whose fundamental purpose in life is always and everywhere to know, love, and serve Almighty God.

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On the subject of Catholic education, Mr. Mark Langley, the academic dean of The Lyceum in South Euclid, gave some very great insight into the meaning of Pope Pius XI’s encyclical on Christian education, Divini Illius Magistri.


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