Upcoming Events at Mary Queen of Peace

mary queen of peace

Here’s a list of some upcoming liturgical events submitted through the Event Submission form by Fr Doug Brown, pastor of Mary Queen of Peace. For any further questions about these events, contact the parish office. The information below was simply copied and pasted from Father’s email communication.

6:45 am and 6 pm
4423 Pearl Rd Cleveland OH
Annual Blessing of Epiphany Water. We are asking this year that you bring the water in containers that are no smaller than 1 gallon or 1 liter.

7 pm
4423 Pearl Rd Cleveland OH
Solemn First Vespers of the Feast of the Epiphanyย  UPDATE: See the comment below by Fr Brown. A requiem Mass for Pope Benedict will instead be offered at 7pm.

5:50 am to midnight
4423 Pearl Rd Cleveland OH
First Friday schedule of Masses & Devotions

Midnight to 9:35 am
4423 Pearl Rd Cleveland OH
Schedule of First Saturday Mass & Devotions

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  1. Please note that the First Vespers of Epiphany has been canceled and there will now be a Requiem Mass for Pope Benedict XVI on Thursday 5 January at 1900.

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