Updates from the Catacombs II

mary queen of peace

Donuts & Updates from the Catacombs II

On Saturday, Sept 9, there will be an 8 am Latin Mass at Mary Queen of Peace followed by a reception in MQP’s hall. The event will be the 2nd “Donuts and Updates from the Catacombs.” Naomi del Guidice from Protect Women Ohio Catholic will be the featured speaker. (Remember: No in NOvember).

There will be an inspirational opening statement from the tireless Father Doug Brown on “Answering Chaos with Personal Holiness.” Additionally, Patrick Cook from the Cleveland Chapter of Una Voce will be providing an update on the Cleveland Latin Mass scene – the latest news on the closings, the Institute of Christ the King, and Una Voce’s upcoming 3rd annual St Michael picnic on September 29/

There will then be twelve or so 2-minute updates from various other organizations including 40 Days for Life, AM 1260 the Rock (1260 founder Jerry Monroe will speak), The Solanus Casey Project, Womankind, Knights of Columbus, Jessica Kramer of the “The Based Catholic Podcast,” and Brother Gregory from the Benedictine Abbey. The event is free – but you are welcome to bring a desert/snack to share or something to drink. (Drop off in hall before Mass). (If you are on Facebook, more info here: (link???) Donuts & Updates from the Cleveland Catacombs II (Sept 9 at MQP) | Facebook We would love to have a great turnout so spread the word however you can and pray for success.

Groups participating:

1260 The Rock
40 Days for Life (fall kick off very soon – register)
Una Voce (Latin Mass update)
St Andrewโ€™s Abbey – “Tuesday Holy Hour for Vocations”
Confraternity of Christian Mothers
The Solanus Casey Project
The Legion of Mary
Troops of St George (a great Catholic scouting alternative)
Knights of Columbus
Jessica Kramer (The Based Catholic Podcast)

*Plus, an opening address from Father Doug Brown

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  1. Another great Saturday morning. Thank you. For our next event I thought you might want to have a “Prayer at the Heart” representative. It is not only Catholic, but involves many Catholics including Bishop Malesic and many diocesan priests. If you are interested in knowing more, Joseph Soltis would be very happy to speak with you. Just let me know.

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